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The 21st Century: A Scholarly Surprise

Joan Smythe was more than a little puzzed, as well as far more than a little tired.
It was not unusual for a professor in the Centre for Renaissance and Reformation Studies to have a telephone call from a colleague in Florence. It was unusual for that call to occur at 3 in the morning, and it was especially unusual for the call to be followed by a rush flight from Toronto and a late night meeting in the Palazzo Vecchio. Having to pass a cordon of armed Operazioni Speciali police definitely pushed the whole thing into the unusual.
She had worked with Giovanna before; she knew that the shrewd and experienced professor of Renaissance Studies had family connections high in the Italian state. She didn’t think that Gio would call on those connections with no good reason. She took it seriously when Gio told her “judge for yourself, I need a coffee and a smoke.”
As she began, she cursed her wild choice of combining Bachelors in Physics and History, topped by a Master’s on the occult sciences in Renaissance Italy and their contribution to the origins of modern science. But surely her brother’s work on the fundamental nature of time and space would be more likely to be useful in understanding a threat to the Italian State?
As she set down with the documents, only a few feet from the wall where they had been discovered, sealed away for five and a half centuries, she began to realize that this was no ordinary lost archive. And she wondered if Gio could get permission for her to call her brother?


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